I had a good turkey day, I saw some family that I haven't seen in a long time and had good turkey and lots of fun stories all around. :)

I had my second date with someone who I met at a Halloween party and they have been good dates!

Right now, I am chatting with a friend who I haven't chatted with in a long time, it's felt like ages. :)
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I've ignored this lately. :(

I haven't kept up on this although I cannot think of too much to update. Job's still great, going out is still fun and I really like Corona with lime. :)

A friend who I talk to online moved for college this morning, I'm hoping that it's a good change. :)

I've got to read my friends list, it's long overdue!
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It's been great! People are nice and the work is good. :)

Thank you all for the well wishes before when I got the job! :) :)